Little Update

So I’m like 99.983764378209% done transferring the Adventure Book from MS Word to InDesign. Now, it’s time to go through the book and make sure everything is updated. The Adventures are still rewarding items that don’t exist, so I have to comb through the whole dumb thing and make sure everything makes sense.

Then there’s the matter of putting all the Boss Monster icons into my templates for my Adventure Designer so there’s no more “Put this guy on the space marked (c).” crap to deal with.

Also, due to font licensing stuff, I’ll be changing some of the fonts in all of the books. That means a migration for the whole rulebook from MS Word to InDesign, since the MS Word document is held together with little more than sincere wishes. If I change anything, all sorts of things go out of wack, and the best way to prevent that is to put it in a more stable format. Might be a week or two of work to do the whole thing. We’ll see! And I’ll keep you guys updated.

Another thing I’m doing is designing new card backs. More optional stuff as a part of a big graphical update to the game. They’ll have more color instead of being all just brown and white. I’ll put up some samples as soon as I have some good stuff to show!