Little Baby-Diapers Art Update

Sup fellers. Thought I’d post a little preview of some art I’m working on. These are going to go on the new card backs. Treasure, Dungeon Lord Anger, and the Dungeon Theme cards.

“But hey, butthole, weren’t you working on the Campaign?!” I hear you ask! Yes, I am, but I have to wear many hats in the production of this whole game, since I can’t afford to pay folks to do everything for me until I become more powerful (I’ve been drinking powerful people blood but it just ain’t working) so for now I gotta do it all.

I’ve already designed most of the actual card backings, and this artwork is going to be dropped into those card backs in a monotone color. So no coloring for these babies, because I don’t hate myself so much that I want to put that extra layer of work on myself! Actually I just want the actual card text, like Treasure and Dungeon Lord Anger to pop and be instantly recognizable, so the art is just there for fluff.

“But hey, butthole, didn’t you already have artwork for all these cards?!” I hear you ask, yet again, and to be honest I’M GETTING A LITTLE TIRED OF IT! Har har! Yes I did, but it was computer-drawn artwork, and it’s always brought me shame. Not really, I just wanted it to have the same feel as all the artwork in the rest of the game.

“But hey, butthole–” STOW IT, MISTER! I’ll have the full card back artwork up here pretty soon for y’all to ogle at like some people who work at Google and lost their Go.

Bad joke.

Little Baby-Diapers Art Update

Little Update

So I’m like 99.983764378209% done transferring the Adventure Book from MS Word to InDesign. Now, it’s time to go through the book and make sure everything is updated. The Adventures are still rewarding items that don’t exist, so I have to comb through the whole dumb thing and make sure everything makes sense.

Then there’s the matter of putting all the Boss Monster icons into my templates for my Adventure Designer so there’s no more “Put this guy on the space marked (c).” crap to deal with.

Also, due to font licensing stuff, I’ll be changing some of the fonts in all of the books. That means a migration for the whole rulebook from MS Word to InDesign, since the MS Word document is held together with little more than sincere wishes. If I change anything, all sorts of things go out of wack, and the best way to prevent that is to put it in a more stable format. Might be a week or two of work to do the whole thing. We’ll see! And I’ll keep you guys updated.

Another thing I’m doing is designing new card backs. More optional stuff as a part of a big graphical update to the game. They’ll have more color instead of being all just brown and white. I’ll put up some samples as soon as I have some good stuff to show!

Cover Preview – The Gates of Infernus

That’s right, I’ve changed the name of the stupid place for the 8th time!

I’ve been working on an update to the Adventure Book that comes with the game. Believe it or not, the Dungeon Crawl books were all created in Microsoft Word. It’s a real pain to work with, and when I decided to give the Adventure Book an update, it was giving me nothing but headaches.

So I’ve begun transferring the Adventure Book to Adobe InDesign. More pain in the butt (would have been amazing if I’d had this software in the first place, but I’m stuck with doing this whole transition now).

“But what’s this got to do with me, you stupid jerk,” I hear you ask. Fear not, for I have prepared a list of excuses reasons here! Faster updates to stuff, for one. When using Word, if I tried to insert a picture here or there or edit text on this or that, so many things could go wrong. Text boxes would move up and down, displacing the headings above them to below. Blank pages being inserted because of wayward page breaks. All sorts of stuff. With InDesign, the layout tools are much easier to work with, and things will just stay the hell PUT.

For the future, it’ll mean that new Adventure Books will be easier for me to put together, and the whole process will be quicker as well. Hooray, everyone wins!

So since I’ve been giving this whole thing an overhaul, I feel like it merited a new cover with a spiffy title, rather than just slapping a font on it and squeezing it onto the page. This is just a preview. There’ll probably be more changes to this cover, like actually adding in some kind of background in there. Anyway, hope you guys like!

Cover Preview – The Gates of Infernus

New-Ass News!

Hey guys, long time no see!

After a while of being busy with other things (like work and other projects) I’m finally back in the saddle and ready to start ripping into this game and get it freaking done. Something I’d been working on for a while is a reconstruction of the Adventure Book, Gates of Infernyssus. For starters, I wanted to make most of the dungeons smaller. I think 3 Dungeon Tiles was a pretty good size, to keep the game from dragging out too long. I get it! You need to get your freaking laundry done so your wife doesn’t see what you did in your underwear! So here I come to save the day. On top of this, the maps for the rulebook are going to be larger, so you don’t have to get all squinty to see where you need to put that Orc. And on top of that (this is a triple scoop of an update, ese!) the graphics have been updated to be a little less iconic and a little more resembling of the actual game pieces. Take a look!

  • Adventure 1: The Plow

    Adventure 1: The Plow

  • Adventure 9: The Simple Life

    Adventure 9: The Simple Life

  • Adventure 14: The Nullifier

    Adventure 14: The Nullifier

But that’s not all! I’ve also started working on a new set of furniture for the game. I realized recently that the old furniture is kinda plain-looking and didn’t have much character to them. They also looked very computer-generated, what with me using Photoshop filters and layer styles to achieve a lot of the looks. Well, that crap don’t fly anymore. So I’m making a set that has a more artistic feel to it, all done by hand (in Photoshop, but all the little assets came from my widdle hands). These are not meant to replace the other set though, and will be available as a free add-on thingy. Take a gander!

  • New-Ass News!
  • New-Ass News!
  • New-Ass News!
  • New-Ass News!

Old-Ass News


Here’s a collection of all the news from the old site. It’s not very exciting stuff, but I’m putting it here for the sake of completionnessitivity.

The Finish Line is in Sight!
Been a while since I’ve had an update here, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking! In fact, I’ve been putting in a lot of work, as some of you guys may have seen the latest update to the rulebooks.

Currently on my to-do list:
Recompile all of the cards – The borders have been removed on them, and some of them have rules updates.

Compile all of the books – Since just about everything has changed, I need to recompile the Dungeon Crawl and Easy Print books.

Do a quality check on the Dungeon Crawl rulebook – Need to check the table of contents, make sure all page references are okay, etc.

And finally, I need to create the 15 Adventures that will come with the Dungeon Crawl Basic book.

Unless there’s some huge, glaring problem with the game that I’m forgetting, these should be the final changes to the game, and it can go live!

Head on over to the Downloads section to check out the newness, new Jack! We’ve got the Easy Print rulebook done, along with all the black-and-white game components to go along with it!

Bonus! Also I’ve included a new, wood-paneled Dungeon Boards set for all your high-class dungeon needs!

New Site Design!
I’ve updated the site with a new design. Wasn’t really fond of the old blog-style thing, which was giving me a nice round of headaches.

I’m still getting things figured out here, so bear with me if the site looks ugly.

New version! Finally!
After a long break from the game, I’m back in full swing, and with a new version!

The artifacts have been completely reworked, but they need testing. The Adventure book is still the same.

Cards! Instead of using a bunch of tables for Treasure, we now have Treasure Cards. Easily printable on business card sheets (see game manual for Avery label number).

I think the game is near completion. All feedback is welcome!

New Version of Dungeon Crawl
A new version’s been uploaded. This version contains all of the changes made before this post here, so if you want to review all of the changes since the March 13 version, this is the place to do it. Anyways, get to downloading!

Something you may see in the next version of the game is the new versions of the Dungeon Boards.

Updated Adventure Book
I’ve uploaded the new, updated version of the first 10 Adventures. You can get them by clicking the link to the right (Download Dungeon Crawl Advance). Unfortunately, the old version of the Adventures would make the Heroes way too powerful by giving them too much Gold and some real nasty items.

After playtesting all 10 Adventures, I have a pretty good understanding of how much Gold and what type of items I need to be giving the Heroes.

As a point of reference, I have 1 Level 3 Hero (fighter), 1 Level 2 Hero that’s almost at Level 3 (Rogue, needs about 10 Experience), and 2 Level 2 Heroes that are neck-and-neck in Experience, the Cleric and Sorceror. They’re a bit less than half way to Level 3. I’m wondering if this is a problem, or if I just get crap rolls with them, or if I should make Sorceror Spells do more damage, and have the Cleric gain XP if he heals a buddy during combat.

One problem, though. Right now it seems the link to download Dungeon Crawl and the Adventures doesn’t work (can’t log in). I’m looking into it, and will update when it’s fixed.

Adventure Change
Made some changes to Adventure 7: Defending the Brewery. The Monsters are no longer Dungeon Level 6. Instead, they all have +2 Beef, Zip, and Smarts. Also added a rule about how some Spells and Skills work. Towards the end of the fray, my Human Sorceror gained the Born Leader Skill, which when used, grants all allies +2 Attack and Defend Dice. That’s all fine and dandy but it lasts til the end of Combat. So that means… THE WHOLE TIME! So I wrote a rule that it only lasts until the next Wave is played.

However, I think I’m going to add rules about “Skirmish Adventures”, since I might make more Adventures this way. It’ll probably be close to the Deathblow Skirmish game type, but I might make it simpler.

I actually had a lot of fun in this Adventure. It was pure hack and slash, and my main man, Biff, almost died! He had used up all his Deathblow and all his Life Potions, and all his Healing Potions! He was always in the thick of the battles, though, so took a ton of damage, from archers as well. He did gain 19 Experience points in this Adventure, so it was worth risking his life. I think I’ll definitely add more Skirmish Adventures into the mix, because this one was just too much fun. There were different strategies to use, like holing up inside the bar, or going out and meeting the Monsters in the field, especially the archers. The archers were a bitch (Goblins with Bows), cause they could move like crazy, and attacked with 4 Attack Dice, ranged.

The Rogue got a lot of Experience here, since I upgraded her sling with a Shortbow. So now she rolled 4 Attack Dice, so she always had plenty of targets. There was plenty of Frenzy going on here. Almost everyone had 2 Actions every turn.

Oh, yeah, a Sorceror or Cleric (or Elf) can now cast 2 Spells when using Frenzy. The double Flares was cool. :)

I also lowered the reward from 75 gold per part not stolen to 15 gold per part not stolen. Geh, 300 Gold for one Adventure? Crazy.

So yeah, I encourage all you guys out there playtesting to reach this Adventure. It’s tons of fun.

A quick change.
Well seeing as my Heroes are not getting their fill of Potions (just barely scraping by, really), I’ve decided to make Potions available at the store. I think I’ll be putting out a new update soon, possibly tonight, that’ll have all the changes listed so far included.

One of my goals for the new update will be to reduce the size of the Adventure Book. I think it’s so large because the images have transparency. Even though they’re GIFs. Maybe just the way the PDF handles them. I don’t know. So we’ll see.

More rules changes!
Adrenaline. Some of the Adrenaline usage rules have been changed:

Rage and Guard: A Hero can only use up to 6 Adrenaline points for each Attack or Defend.

Surge and Burst: Only 4 points can be spent on either.

The Second “Burst” has been changed to Frenzy. Duh.

Other stuff.

Bashing a Chest no longer breaks any items inside it.

Carrying a Chest only gives 2 Encumbrance.

More updates…
Played the fourth Adventure today. Couple things came up. Dungeon Lord’s been throwing his Anger around like nothing, since he can basically do a Power Attack at least once per turn. But, that’s not the messed up part. Try Monster Buffing. This one’s been upgraded to cost 7 points. Holy mother. Just wait til a Mummy or Zombie gets buffed. Makes for some good “boss” battles!

So Monster Buffing is 7 points.
The Potion of Life restores you to 3 Health. Otherwise they’re just like a Healing Potion (5).
I’m also thinking about giving the Cleric some Experience for healing his buddies, probably only during combat. Since he’s giving up an Attack, giving him 1 Experience might be good.

So that’s it until the next session.

More poop
Had another game last night. One change that took place after this game was that each Adventure will now give you 1 or 2 (could be more) Experience for completing it.

I like the way my Heroes are advancing. They’ve got a fair amount of Experience (one Hero is half way to Level 2), but they’re also gaining some good Weapons and Armor. I think the changes I’m gonna have to make is put in harder Monsters, since in the last Adventure, the Heroes pretty much breezed through it.

So far I’ve only had to use a couple of Life Potions, which is good cause the Heroes don’t find many of those laying around.

I’m also thinking of changing Flare to cause 3+Level Damage, instead of 4+Level. The Sorceror is able to throw Flares everywhere, causing tons of damage.

I think my real problem right now is that I want to throw harder Monsters into the Adventures without also throwing tons of Experience points around. I need something almost as strong as a Hulk that only gives 1 Experience point for a kill, to make things harder for the Heroes. Perhaps I’ll start using Beastmen for these situations. They’re pretty beefy.

Furniture Treasure Adjustments
Tables only give +5 Gold when gold is found on them.
Chests give +20 Gold if gold is found in them.
Pits give +10 Gold if gold is found in them.

Also, when trying to find an artifact, the closet’s +1 to the roll and the coffin’s +2 to the roll DO count as the 6 roll, but only for the first roll. So for example, you search a Coffin, and draw an equipment card. You roll a 4, add the Coffin’s +2, so you can try for the artifact. On the next roll, however, you need to roll a natural six.

Little update
Slings now cost 100 bucks, and can only cause a maximum of 3 Damage Dice, unless using Adrenaline to pump up the Damage Dice. My Halfling Rogue was wrecking some shit up with these bastards so they gotta be changed.


Latest rules changes.
After a quick session, I’ve made some changes to the game.

Rogues: Base chance for disarming a Trap: 4+
If a Rogue fails to disarm a Trap, he springs it.
Trap Kit: No bonus to die roll. If the Rogue fails to disarm the Trap while using the Trap Kit, the trap remains unsprung. On the roll of a 1, the Trap Kit breaks.

Masterful Hands Rogue Skill: Changed to Kit Repair: If the Rogue breaks his Trap or Lock Kit, he can attempt to repair it. The Rogue pays 30 Gold and rolls a die. On a 3+, the repair is successful and the Kit may be used again. On a failure, the Rogue has failed to repair the kit, but may try again by paying the Gold again and rolling another die.

All Heroes start with 2 Potions of Life and 2 Healing Potions (5).

Pending further testing: Potions of Life will restore more Health, either 5, or do a full heal.

Many Treasure cards will give a lot less Gold. My Heroes ended up with a huge stack of cash after their first Adventure.

Once again, anybody who didn’t get their new password for the new version of Dungeon Crawl should email me with their new email addresses. Otherwise you have no way of getting updates… so… hope you see this!

New Website Dealybob.
So as you can all tell, I’ve updated the site with this funny blog type thing. Makes it easier for me to write updates. So nyar!

Old news!
Here’s the news from the old site. In case you give a damn.

A few people’s email addresses got bounced back to me when sending out download passwords for the newest update. If you have purchased the Advance Copy and have not received news on the update, email me at to get your info, and to update your email address so you’ll continue receiveing updates.

Holy Snappers! No updates for over a year! There have been some real enormous-like changes to Dungeon Crawl. Some very exciting fundamental changes to the game, that will streamline gameplay so you don’t get stuck playing a single Adventure for five hours. The Dungeon Lord player now has some fun stuff to do to the Heroes, and new things like Treasure Cards and Adrenaline add a ton of fun to the game. A new update was just posted tonight that includes all these new rules! Also, the rulebook has been totally rewritten for a more clear and concise layout.

Yay! Setbacks! Well, self inflicted setbacks. I decided to redo a large part of the game, but it only set me back a couple of days. Right now I’m in the middle of deciding which Dungeon Tiles will come with the game. Ten to fifteen tiles are slated for the release, but I may just go with all 17, depending on what people want.

Work has finally begun on the Adventures, of which there will be 35 of for the normal Campaign mode, and some extras for other game modes.

The new version of the Advance Copy has been uploaded, now with a complete set of Artifacts, and a few changes to the Random Rules. Graphics files should be uploaded soon.

The main rule set has been completed, as has the Bestiary, complete with over 90 Monsters! Artifacts stand at 60% complete right now. I have put together the Dungeon Crawl Advance Copy, which is basically the latest full version of Dungeon Crawl. Though not 100% complete, it’s perfectly playable, and all of the main game concepts are complete and usable. It’s available for purchase for $12.50. Use the link on the right if you’re interested.

I wonder if anyone still checks this site? Well at any rate, as some of you may know, my computer with the Dungeon Crawl rules and all the charts and shit decided to actually start burning. Real fun. So anyway, I’m working on other parts of Dungeon Crawl now, until I find out whether or not I lost everything on that hard drive. Hopefully not, but then at least I can work off of the Demo, eh? Screw you.

Did a few of the secret game elements, and am now working on finishing up the rules for the multiplayer modes. So far, Death Match and Capture the Flag are completed.

So I’m trying to work on the game a bit more. I haven’t in a while, because of this guy. I’m still working on the crap that’s mentioned in the Current section, and am also planning out all of the Campaign Adventures one by one, in a big list, so it’ll be easier to compose them all.

Some say that no news is good news. Not in this case, cause that just means I’m a lazy ass! But, I am working on it, adding some cool stuff to it. So shut up.

Put together the v2 Demo, which is ready for download, for all you jerks who have it. It actually contains the “Pit” tile, which I must have left out on the first version due to a drunken stupor or something. Rules have been elaborated, rules have been added, and small Indonesian boys have been whipped. Go download it, for the good of all… things.

Updated the site a bit. Well, kinda finished it I guess. Will probably add more links. Add the full version for download.