Little Baby-Diapers Art Update

Sup fellers. Thought I’d post a little preview of some art I’m working on. These are going to go on the new card backs. Treasure, Dungeon Lord Anger, and the Dungeon Theme cards.

“But hey, butthole, weren’t you working on the Campaign?!” I hear you ask! Yes, I am, but I have to wear many hats in the production of this whole game, since I can’t afford to pay folks to do everything for me until I become more powerful (I’ve been drinking powerful people blood but it just ain’t working) so for now I gotta do it all.

I’ve already designed most of the actual card backings, and this artwork is going to be dropped into those card backs in a monotone color. So no coloring for these babies, because I don’t hate myself so much that I want to put that extra layer of work on myself! Actually I just want the actual card text, like Treasure and Dungeon Lord Anger to pop and be instantly recognizable, so the art is just there for fluff.

“But hey, butthole, didn’t you already have artwork for all these cards?!” I hear you ask, yet again, and to be honest I’M GETTING A LITTLE TIRED OF IT! Har har! Yes I did, but it was computer-drawn artwork, and it’s always brought me shame. Not really, I just wanted it to have the same feel as all the artwork in the rest of the game.

“But hey, butthole–” STOW IT, MISTER! I’ll have the full card back artwork up here pretty soon for y’all to ogle at like some people who work at Google and lost their Go.

Bad joke.

Little Baby-Diapers Art Update