New-Ass News!

Hey guys, long time no see!

After a while of being busy with other things (like work and other projects) I’m finally back in the saddle and ready to start ripping into this game and get it freaking done. Something I’d been working on for a while is a reconstruction of the Adventure Book, Gates of Infernyssus. For starters, I wanted to make most of the dungeons smaller. I think 3 Dungeon Tiles was a pretty good size, to keep the game from dragging out too long. I get it! You need to get your freaking laundry done so your wife doesn’t see what you did in your underwear! So here I come to save the day. On top of this, the maps for the rulebook are going to be larger, so you don’t have to get all squinty to see where you need to put that Orc. And on top of that (this is a triple scoop of an update, ese!) the graphics have been updated to be a little less iconic and a little more resembling of the actual game pieces. Take a look!

  • Adventure 1: The Plow

    Adventure 1: The Plow

  • Adventure 9: The Simple Life

    Adventure 9: The Simple Life

  • Adventure 14: The Nullifier

    Adventure 14: The Nullifier

But that’s not all! I’ve also started working on a new set of furniture for the game. I realized recently that the old furniture is kinda plain-looking and didn’t have much character to them. They also looked very computer-generated, what with me using Photoshop filters and layer styles to achieve a lot of the looks. Well, that crap don’t fly anymore. So I’m making a set that has a more artistic feel to it, all done by hand (in Photoshop, but all the little assets came from my widdle hands). These are not meant to replace the other set though, and will be available as a free add-on thingy. Take a gander!

  • New-Ass News!
  • New-Ass News!
  • New-Ass News!
  • New-Ass News!