Little Baby-Diapers Art Update

Sup fellers. Thought I’d post a little preview of some art I’m working on. These are going to go on the new card backs. Treasure, Dungeon Lord Anger, and the Dungeon Theme cards.

“But hey, butthole, weren’t you working on the Campaign?!” I hear you ask! Yes, I am, but I have to wear many hats in the production of this whole game, since I can’t afford to pay folks to do everything for me until I become more powerful (I’ve been drinking powerful people blood but it just ain’t working) so for now I gotta do it all.

I’ve already designed most of the actual card backings, and this artwork is going to be dropped into those card backs in a monotone color. So no coloring for these babies, because I don’t hate myself so much that I want to put that extra layer of work on myself! Actually I just want the actual card text, like Treasure and Dungeon Lord Anger to pop and be instantly recognizable, so the art is just there for fluff.

“But hey, butthole, didn’t you already have artwork for all these cards?!” I hear you ask, yet again, and to be honest I’M GETTING A LITTLE TIRED OF IT! Har har! Yes I did, but it was computer-drawn artwork, and it’s always brought me shame. Not really, I just wanted it to have the same feel as all the artwork in the rest of the game.

“But hey, butthole–” STOW IT, MISTER! I’ll have the full card back artwork up here pretty soon for y’all to ogle at like some people who work at Google and lost their Go.

Bad joke.

Little Baby-Diapers Art Update

Little Update

So I’m like 99.983764378209% done transferring the Adventure Book from MS Word to InDesign. Now, it’s time to go through the book and make sure everything is updated. The Adventures are still rewarding items that don’t exist, so I have to comb through the whole dumb thing and make sure everything makes sense.

Then there’s the matter of putting all the Boss Monster icons into my templates for my Adventure Designer so there’s no more “Put this guy on the space marked (c).” crap to deal with.

Also, due to font licensing stuff, I’ll be changing some of the fonts in all of the books. That means a migration for the whole rulebook from MS Word to InDesign, since the MS Word document is held together with little more than sincere wishes. If I change anything, all sorts of things go out of wack, and the best way to prevent that is to put it in a more stable format. Might be a week or two of work to do the whole thing. We’ll see! And I’ll keep you guys updated.

Another thing I’m doing is designing new card backs. More optional stuff as a part of a big graphical update to the game. They’ll have more color instead of being all just brown and white. I’ll put up some samples as soon as I have some good stuff to show!

Cover Preview – The Gates of Infernus

That’s right, I’ve changed the name of the stupid place for the 8th time!

I’ve been working on an update to the Adventure Book that comes with the game. Believe it or not, the Dungeon Crawl books were all created in Microsoft Word. It’s a real pain to work with, and when I decided to give the Adventure Book an update, it was giving me nothing but headaches.

So I’ve begun transferring the Adventure Book to Adobe InDesign. More pain in the butt (would have been amazing if I’d had this software in the first place, but I’m stuck with doing this whole transition now).

“But what’s this got to do with me, you stupid jerk,” I hear you ask. Fear not, for I have prepared a list of excuses reasons here! Faster updates to stuff, for one. When using Word, if I tried to insert a picture here or there or edit text on this or that, so many things could go wrong. Text boxes would move up and down, displacing the headings above them to below. Blank pages being inserted because of wayward page breaks. All sorts of stuff. With InDesign, the layout tools are much easier to work with, and things will just stay the hell PUT.

For the future, it’ll mean that new Adventure Books will be easier for me to put together, and the whole process will be quicker as well. Hooray, everyone wins!

So since I’ve been giving this whole thing an overhaul, I feel like it merited a new cover with a spiffy title, rather than just slapping a font on it and squeezing it onto the page. This is just a preview. There’ll probably be more changes to this cover, like actually adding in some kind of background in there. Anyway, hope you guys like!

Cover Preview – The Gates of Infernus